Setup Azure Open AI for Fusion Copilot

How to setup Fusion Copilot to use Azure Open AI

Log in to the Azure Portal

Search for "Azure OpenAI"

Click on Create to create your new service

From the popup, choose the Subscription

Assign to a resource group

Choose an appropriate Region

Provide a service name

Setup Networking so the service is available to you.

*Note: your organisation may have customised network settings, VPNs etc.

Click Next until you reach the last panel

After reviewing all the chosen options, click create.

It may take a minute or two for your service to be created

Your new service will appear in the list of services as an OpenAI service.

You will need to record the Azure OpenAI Service URL

Click on Keys and Endpoint

Copy the Secret Key into a secure place.

Click on Model Deployments

Click on Create new Deployment

From the popup, Choose gpt-35-turbo

And give this model a name

Record this for Fusion Copilot ready to enter in the "Azure OpenAI Model Name"

Project > Preferences

To enable Fusion Copilot, click the checkbox

Choose your GPT engine

This is the Azure OpenAI Service URL

Secret Key

The secret key is stored in a secure file on your PC

name of Deployed Model

Save to hold these settings

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