Change History - Performance

Runthru Performance Change History

Runthru Performance Change History

New in this version

  • Text editing: We have been hard at work improving the performance of the text editing experience.
  • UI: Docking Panels, more keyboard shortcuts, display child counts when frames are collapsed.
  • SharePoint Output: Bug fixes.
  • Word Output: Bug fixes.

New in version 5.0.4180

  • HTML & SharePoint Output: Use the Details Reveal option to enable show/reveal sections in output.
  • HTML & SharePoint Output: Use the Show Procedures Label option to render the Procedure markers in output.
  • General Bug fixes & Improvements in: Tables, navigation.

New in version 5.0.4106

  • Auto-Save Backups: As you are working on your document, we periodically save your file. You can change the auto-backup interval in File>Preferences.
  • SharePoint Publishing: Icons & Tags render correctly in Microsoft SharePoint Online's updated CSS.
  • Expand & Collapse Steps: You can expand/collapse all the Steps in a Runthru Performance document, and set a preference to open documents with Steps closed or open. Keeping them closed when opening documents may improve document open speed.
  • Icons: You can drag & drop .svg files into the Icons dialog. These are saved into %appdata%\RunthruPerformance\Templates\Icons\. Using the Contextual menu, you can delete this too.
  • Icons in the Library: If the first frame contains any Icons, the first Icon will appear in the Library.
  • Share & Subscribe: A Share source, when broken, can be embedded.
  • Share & Subscribe: When changing an existing Subscription, the Change Subscription dialog will navigate & display the correct Share.
  • Tables: Wide tables now scroll horizontally.

New in version 5.0.4071

  • Document Template Starters: A new list of Document Starters appear on the Start screen. You can save your own .rtpdot (Runthru Performance Templates) into %appdata%\RunthruPerformance\Templates\DocumentStartTemplates\
  • HTML & SharePoint Output: Marked-up images can be position to the left or right of the markup elements.
  • HTML & SharePoint Output: The Frame margin setting is applied to the bottom of Steps to give the feeling of more space in HTML.
  • HTML & SharePoint Output: Images pasted directly into text editing areas from web browsers is now supported.
  • SharePoint Publishing: Web Proxies are now supported. This feature is only needed in some network environments.
    • Preferences: Web Proxy settings are stored as a preference (for security reasons, the User name and Password are not stored) Share & Subscribe: Text boxes and Tables can be Shared out and Subscribed to.