Introduction to Fusion Copilot

An introduction to the Fusion Copilot in Runthru Fusion


Large Language Models (LLMs) including OpenAI provide mechanisms to query and generate text. With prompting, they generate what may seem as or intelligence.

Fusion Copilot used OpenAI, and your content, to assist you in creating great documentation, quickly.

To be honest, we at Runthru are not quite sure of the full potential of this feature. We're using it daily and find new things. Please tell us if you do something really really cool!


Setup Azure Open AI for Fusion Copilot


Using Fusion Copilot


The secret sauce of OpenAI (Large Language Models) is careful prompting.

Runthru Fusion takes your front-most Markdown document, and adds it to the current context

This means you can ask the Fusion Copilot questions such as:

from the current context, please provide three sentences that describe the top headline

Your current Markdown file is sent to the OpenAI engine. The from current context prompts the engine to use when generating a response.

If you have some text selected in your front-most Markdown file, you can also use the prompt:

from the current selection, please check the grammar

A third way of extending the context is to gather text from an external source:

from describe their products in markdown table form