Changing the font size in your Runthru Instruction file.

This article shows how to change the font size for the Runthru File.

Step One

Select the item on the canvas.

Step Two

In the Properties Panel, choose the gear next to Text Box Styles

Step Three

This window appears.

Step Four

The default style is called Counter but you can change it to your desired style.

Step Five

In this section you can set the font size for display.

Step Six

Once the font size is changed, the Apply Changes button will become active.

Press the button to apply the changes.

This only changes the current file.

Step Seven

Optionally, you can now save the changes into one of your templates/themes. If you do this, the changes will apply to new files using this template/theme, not other existing files.

Step Eight

You can now close this window.

Step Nine

The changes in this example are shown here. If necessary, you can resize the text box.

End of procedure.