Frame List

Visual instructions for using the Frames List in Runthru Instruction

This guide includes information about the different types of frames in Runthru, these include:

  • Text Frames

  • Image Frames

  • Text Frames

  • Text & Table Frames

  • Video Frames

Text Frame

Press Text to add a Text Frame

You can also click this button to add a text frame

You can give it a title and or content

You can change the style of the headings using this dropdown menu

Here is an example of how a 'Text Frame' is translated into word.

Table and Image

Click on Advanced to drop down more options for adding frames

Click Text Frame with Table

Here is an example of a 'Table and Image Frame'.

Click here to insert a table.

Click here to add an Image.

Select the image and then click here once or multiple times to increase or decrease the image to your preferred size.

Use the rest of these buttons to change the table's format.

Table of Contents

Click here to create a Table of Contents Frame

Here is an example of how the Table of Contents Frame is displayed in Runthru Instruction. It will display as a regular Table of Contents in the indicated outputs showing the structure of all the headings in the document

Here is an example of how the Table of Contents looks when published to Word. This is a very basic example that only has


Click Video Frame

Click either Video is on YouTube or Video is on Microsoft Stream

Paste your URL into this box.

Then click Use this video

You can remove the video and replace the specific video at any time

Here is an example of how the Video Frame is displayed in SharePoint