Fusion Templates in Action

How to use Templates in Runthru Fusion


Runthru Fusion takes content, rendered as HTML, and places them into a template

Runthru has chosen the Liquid Template Language as its templating language.

Templates and Runthru Fusion Files

When starting a Runthru Fusion Project, a TemplateSet is selected.

This chosen TemplateSet is kept inside the .rtpproj file, unless changed by the user.

If the TemplateSet is edited by the user; using Edit Build Templates in an external editor; the modified templates are retained in the .rtpproj file.

Location of Templates

Runthru Fusion's templates are installed in %APPDATA%\RunthruFusion\Templates\ProjectTemplateSets

When Runthru Fusion launches, it ensures the latest version of supplied Templates are installed.

New Project

When a user starts a new project, the choices for TemplateSet to use are retrieved from %APPDATA%\RunthruFusion\Templates\ProjectTemplateSets

Installing a new Template Set

Rename any Runthru Fusion .rtpproj to .rtpprojt

Open the .rtpprojt

A dialog appears

Swapping Template for Project

Once a project is open

File > Change Template Set for Project

Creating a new Template


_templateSetDetails.json is the description of the Template

  "displayOrder": 1,
  "buildComponentsResourcePath": "SimplePDFStarter",
  "buildComponentsName": "Runthru PDF Template",
  "buildComponentsDescription": "",
  "buildComponentsVersion": "1.0.0",
  "defaultIndexTemplate": "index.liquid",
  "defaultLevelTemplate": "level.liquid",
  "defaultPageTemplate": "page.liquid",
  "buildEngine": "HTML",
  "_buildSetupDate": "2023-04-28T11:30:00.0000000+10:00",
  "TemplateSpecificVariables": [],
  "TemplateFeatures": [],
  "_buildSourceNotes": "uses CSS @media queries for Print output"