Runthru Fusion PDF Creation Introduction

Introduction to creation of PDF from Runthru Fusion


Runthru Fusion creates two types of outputs:

  • self-contained, static web sites based on HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Adobe PDF documents

The PDF generation capability of Runthru Fusion has been designed to ensure that the source content files remain the same for both types of outputs, enabling single-source, multiple-output scenarios.

Design Scope

The PDFs generated from Runthru Fusion are designed for on-screen reading, and casual printing. The benefit of PDF is that the entire source content: images, typefaces etc are captured inside a single file.

Runthru Fusion PDF output has not been designed for formal print purposes.

Source Files

Runthru Fusion compiles source contents files from the following formats:

  • Markdown (.md) including Fusion images containing markup
  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)

into a single Adobe PDF.

Additional Features

Runthru Fusion can also add additional components to the compiled PDF:

  • Headers & Footers
  • Table of Contents
  • Index
  • Watermark
  • Internal references, with attached page number
  • PDF Bookmarks
  • PDF based cover page and back page