Runthru Fusion Introduction

Introduction to Runthru Fusion

Runthru Fusion

Runthru Fusion is a Windows desktop application that takes your source content, from a variety of forms, and generates HTML output.

If you have a license, Runthru Fusion also supports PDF output. Introduction to PDF output in Runthru Fusion

Source content

Runthru Fusion can consume the following types of source files:

  • Markdown (.md)
  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Runthru Instruction (.rthru)
  • Runthru Fusion Image (.rtimage)
  • Images (various)
  • Video (.mp4)

HTML Output

The final HTML Output is designed to be self-contained. That is, the output does not rely on dynamic rendering on the client-side and can be hosted on any service that takes static content.

Static Web Sites

Static web sites are web pages that are pre-built and do not change based on user input or interactions. They are typically faster and easier to host than dynamic web sites

The Runthru Fusion Process

  • Runthru Fusion takes your source Content, from a variety of sources, combines them with your variables.
  • Using your Runthru Fusion Output Structure
  • Builds all of the required HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other include files
  • For on-screen Preview
  • Or, Publish final output to a folder or .zip


Runthru Instruction
Microsoft Word docx
Markdown .md,
Mermaid content

Output Structure

using Liquid

Preview Output
HTML files