Diagram Support

Diagram and Mermaid in Runthru Fusion


Mermaid Diagrams

Runthru Fusion incorporates the extensive Mermaid language permitting markup-based diagrams.

To incorporate Mermaid diagrams, start a block using the following directive:


and close with ```

Mermaid Notes

Mermaid has a feature where you can add icons to nodes using

::icon(fa fa-book)

For this to work, the page templates need to incorporate the Font Awesome library

Font Awesome CDN

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/6.4.0/css/all.min.css" integrity="sha512-iecdLmaskl7CVkqkXNQ/ZH/XLlvWZOJyj7Yy7tcenmpD1ypASozpmT/E0iPtmFIB46ZmdtAc9eNBvH0H/ZpiBw==" crossorigin="anonymous" referrerpolicy="no-referrer" />