Change History

Runthru Fusion change history

Runthru Fusion Change History

5.0.5695 (17 July 2024)

  • Allowing PDF and HTML generation from the one template (will require template changes in some liquid files)
  • Improvements in TOC and hyperlinking accuracy.
  • New open logs button
  • General fixes and improvements

5.0.5627.0 (11th October 2023)

  • Undo/Redo now implemented (Control-Z and Shift-Control-Z)

5.0.5429.0 (10th July 2023)

  • Hello, Fusion Copilot! For more information, please visit Introduction to Fusion Copilot.

  • BOLD (Control-B) ITALIC (Control-I) UNDERLINE (Control-U) keyboard shortcuts enabled when editing Markdown

  • You can build the current project by using the Control-Shift-B keyboard shortcut.

  • We now warn you if you need to re-save your Runthru Instruction file to be ready for Fusion to make into HTML.

  • Various memory and performance improvements.

5.0.5398.0 (1st June 2023)

  • When editing Markdown (.md) files, all variables in the Output Structure are resolved and shown in the Markdown Preview.

  • What you are viewing now is a new feature in this version - Runthru Fusion generating it's own Change History into our support site!

  • Fix encoding of backslashes \ when working with Markdown (.md) files.