Confluence Connection

Connecting Runthru Instruction to Confluence

This article explains how to connect Runthru Instruction to Confluence and to publish a page. It contains instructions in both video and html format created from the one Runthru Instruction file.

Video created in Runthru Instruction

HTML created in Runthru Instruction

Navigate to the Publish tab

Click Confluence

The Confluence publish window will appear

Click Set Connection

Enter your connection details here. You will need your Confluence URL, username, and API token.

Click Test Connection to check that you can successfully connect to the Confluence service.

If the connection is successful you will see this message. If not, check your details and test the connection again

Click Save to store the credentials securely. They will be here next time you start Runthru Instruction.

You will now see the status has changed to Connected

You will need to choose a Confluence Space from this list. In this example we have chosen Software Development.

Once a Space is selected, you can optionally choose a page in that space, to be the parent of your new page.

As you choose parent pages, the path will appear here. This will be the path where your page will be published to in the selected space

Add the name of your page here. In this example we have called our page 'Accessing Local Network Devices'.

Click Publish to create your Confluence page.

Once the page has been published, some information will appear at the top

Click this link to open the published page in your browser

Here is the page created in Confluence. The layout of the page is controlled by the Runthru Confluence template. This is customisable for your organisation.

Scrolling down the page shows more of the article.


This article shows the creation of a page in Confluence using Runthru Instruction.